ICM Audio Format Change

The ICM audio will be changing format shortly.

Currently audio is available as Adobe Flash audio.  This will be changed shortly to mp3 audio, enabling modern browsers to natively play it, rather than relying on insecure plugins.


NextGen data available

High frequency fluxgate data (100S/s) is now available from our autonomous stations at Prince Albert, SK, Chetwynd, BC and Dease Lake, BC.  Please see the NGEN landing page for further details.

Disruption to data availability

There will be disruption to the data availability of ICM data for a period of 24-48 hrs starting tomorrow (Tue 25 Nov).  This is to allow server maintenance.

ISWI Newsletter

You are cordially invited to subscribe to the ISWI Newsletter. This is distributed via email free of charge. It has been published by the International Center for Space Weather Science and Education of Kyushu University (Japan) since 2009 under a mandate from the United Nations. It is issued twice per month—on the 1st and 15th of each month. Almost any material related to space weather is accepted.

The primary goal of ISWI (International Space Weather Initiative) is to do outstanding science. However, in many cases, it is imperative to have ground-based observatories provide continuous space-related data. These observatories need to be global in scope and hence there is a real need to have developing nations get involved. And therefore a major goal of ISWI is to facilitate the entry of these countries into the community of ground-based observation and to assist them to do science with the acquired data. In this give and take approach, there is mutual benefit between developed nations and developing nations.

------- How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to ISWI Newsletter --------
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Sounds of Space Competition

MAARBLEThere is currently a musical composition competition being presented by the outreach division of the MAARBLE (Monitoring, Analyzing and Assessing Radiation Belt Loss and Energization) project.

The idea is to combine science and art to create a piece of music using 'sounds of space' - electro-magnetic waves converted to audio frequencies. The CARISMA magnetometer array, run from the Physics Dept. at the University of Alberta provides some audio samples for the competition.

First prize is €1500 (~$2270 CAD!), second €750 (~$1140 CAD!), third €500 (~$760 CAD!)

Anyone (amateur or professional musician from an EU member state or non-EU country participating in MAARBLE (Canada/USA)

Further details can be found here: http://www.maarble.eu/outreach/images/maarble_music_competition_guidelines.pdf

and the website here: http://www.maarble.eu/outreach/index.php/multimedia/sounds-of-space

CLOSING DATE IS May 31, 2014 (23:00 CET).

AuroraWatch wins at ASTechs

AuroraWatch was named the winner of the 2013 ASTech award for Excellence in Science and Technology: Public Awareness. This site, which uses CARISMA data to power it's local auroral prediction service, has around 24,000 subscribers receiving information about Aurora taking place in the Edmonton (and Alberta) region.

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