CARISMA (GO) Data Use Requirements


CARISMA Data Acknowledgement

All materials produced using CARISMA data are subject to the Geospace Observatory (GO) Canada rules for data use, shown below, and should include an appropriate acknowledgement, such as:

"The authors thank I.R. Mann, D.K. Milling and the rest of the CARISMA team for data. CARISMA is operated by the University of Alberta, funded by the Canadian Space Agency."

The following CARISMA reference paper should also be cited:

Mann, I. R., et al. (2008), The upgraded CARISMA magnetometer array in the THEMIS era, Space Sci. Rev., 141, 413–451, doi:10.1007/s11214-008-9457-6.

The full text of this paper can be viewed by following this link (PDF 3.5Mb).

Derived Data Products

Derived data products, such as the Canadian Auroral Indices, various power spectra, etc. are provided as a quick look data product and should not be used in any publication at the resolutions provided.  If you would like to request publishable plots or high-resolution data, please contact us using the link in the menu.

GO Canada Rules for Data Use

The terms for distribution and use of the GO data govern both the production and distribution of scientific datasets by GO projects, as well as use of the GO data by the science community and general public. These terms are summarized below:

  • The data are open to all scientists and the public (Users).
  • Users shall acknowledge the source of the data. The required acknowledgement shall be provided on the relevant data landing page.
  • Users shall cite the data when writing articles that make use of the data and that are intended for submission to a peer-reviewed publication. The required citation shall be provided on the relevant data landing page.
  • Users are encouraged to provide the relevant GO project PI(s) with copies of their manuscripts upon their submission for consideration of publication. On publication the citation should be transmitted to the GO project PI and any other providers of data.
  • Users are encouraged to make tools of general utility and/or value-added data products widely available to the community. Users are encouraged to collaborate with the relevant GO project PI(s) and to notify the CSA of such utilities or products.

These terms are subject to change as the policies of the CSA and its partners change. A copy of the CSA data use policy can be found here: GO Data Policy (PDF).